Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tuesday 1/31 - The Metatarsus Strikes Back

For those very astute out there, you will notice that the post date for this is Wednesday, even though I'm writing about Tuesday.  There is a reason for this, as Tuesday was not the most uplifting for me.  Monday was an amazing day for me, and I was very excited and honestly had issues sleeping Monday night. Tuesday I was awake and ready to get the day started at 5am.  I knew I hadn't gotten quite enough sleep, so I attempting to rest until closer to my normal wake up (around 6am).  For those that have had just an amazing day that keeps them awake at night, it just didn't work.

What I noticed what I got out of bed was that my left foot ached when I put pressure on it.  For those that have followed along, remember how I wore my five fingers for the 1 mile training last Saturday?  And how on both Sunday and Monday I did some challenging cycling rides?  Yeah, my foot let me know that it wasn't happy with that.  After I got moving it wasn't doing horridly, I just figured I'd have to be careful with what I did, and not "overdo" it.  It felt okay throughout the day at work, although it wasn't real happy with walking around for any distance downtown.  Tuesday is supposed to be a running day for me right now, but I figured I'd go to the gym and just walk for the time in order to get some of a workout done.

By the time I got to the Y, my foot was really not happy.  In fact, I would say it was rather ticked off that I wasn't listening to it.  I changed and went out to work out with my wife, who found a stationary bike pretty quickly and was peddling along.  The treadmills near her were all in use, so I sat down at the stationary bike next to her and cycled for about 10 minutes.  During that time my foot felt fine!  Finally a treadmill a couple of machines down opened up, so I figured I would finish up on the treadmill to at least do what was on my weekly setup.  Not a bright idea.  I did a brisk 15 minute walk, getting in almost a mile on the treadmill (although I swear that I would have walked at least half again as far on the track as I did on the treadmill!) and at the end I could barely put pressure on my left foot at all!  At this point I think my foot was trying to tell me "get off!  get off!", and it was at a volume where I really couldn't ignore it.

So I went home and elevated the foot for the rest of the evening.  I didn't enjoy having to eat dinner in the living room, but I managed (although I need to get my food journal up to date now, and I probably had more than I should have).

The silver lining here is that I think I broke through a plateau that I haven't been able to get through in years this week.  I've been stuck at the 250+ mark for so long, I'm pleased to see results both on the scale and in my clothes!  I'm just keeping myself focused on all the good, and elevating my foot while at work today.

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