Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday 2/14 - The Valentine's day workout

Nothing really exciting marks today, outside of the fact that Rob Dempsey took a few minutes to talk about my Rob's Big Losers blog on HIS Radio this morning.  The part that I posted up was the same part I quoted in my blog here about yesterday, and he really had some good ideas on it that were a lot of good common sense.  I cannot rely on others to determine my fitness and health, I have to make it happen.  If there's going to be something provided at lunch where I question if a healthy option exists, I need to make sure I have a healthy option with me.  These are the changes to my overall lifestyle that I have to reconcile, and determine where things like Pizza fit into my life going forward.

You can Listen to Rob talk about my blog entry

After that, I had a coworker come by and offer me support, bringing an orange and tell me "no pizza".  He happened to be in the same meeting today, and we were able to get salads instead of the pizza.  I was really pleased at the better option that became available.

I went to the gym this evening and met up with several of my team mates for Rob's Big Losers.  Tera is having a tough time, as she's struggling with an injury to her knee that is limiting her workouts for at least a few weeks.  I'm praying for healing on her knee, and comfort for her while it heals.  It was good to see so many RBL shirts in the gym, it really lifts me up and I know it is inspiring to others.  The employees at the Y are really excited to see us in there, and I think it gets them inspired to see us putting forth the effort.

My workout tonight was rather simple - I did an upper body workout on the machines, and spent some time on the "Beast" machines (elliptical stride machines).  I felt good afterwards, and on at least one machine I worked my arms to exhaustion, to the point where I couldn't finish the last rep completely (got to 11 out of 12  on the rep before I had to take a break and finish the last one).  I'm hoping that by adding more core and upper body workouts to the mix I can keep from hitting a plateau for too long.

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