Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday 2/7 - More Cycling in the Hills!

Today was another great day in the Upstate, so that means I took the opportunity to get out on the bike.  I realize that the Stars and Stripes challenge is in May, and I have a LOT of training to get done.  John took me a different route up to Paris Mountain this time, and it has a LOT of elevation.  I struggled a lot through it, don't believe the crazy Strava report.  I seem to be doing better and better on each downhill, but the uphills are still killing me.

The one thing I realized while suffering up one of the climbs (about 8-10%, that's a breeze!) is that I'm feeling the same level of struggle on a lot harder hills now.  Back in the fall, I would have been totally gassed on any of these inclines.  Now they feel like I felt on the climb through Furman back then.  It's going to be a long road to May, but if I just stay diligent with it I'm sure I'll do fine.

Now to just manage to get out of bed at 5am tomorrow for spin class...

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