Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday 2/15 - Cycling and Swimming

5:30 rolled around again this morning, and somehow I managed to get up and make it to the gym for another cycle class.  I dialed the gear up to "11" and went through the course.  Lori does a fantastic job with the class, and I was totally spent by the end of it, feeling like I need a hose to clean up the bike from all the sweat.  I did have to take it easy the last ~4 minutes tho, as my right knee was getting really sore.  The one thing that I learned  long ago is that when you knee is talking you have to listen.  Not listening to your knees is a recipe for a lot of pain and a lot more downtime.

So after work I met up with my wife back at the gym, and we hit the pool.  It took a little bit this evening to get a pair of lanes, but eventually we were able to be in the pool together and had a chance to get a few laps.  I managed to complete 3 laps without completely gassing out today, so that's a good thing.  Hopefully in a week or two I'll get to the point where I can add a 4th lap in.  It feels a little embarrassing that I end up with no energy and sore arms so quickly in the pool.  The awesome thing is how much both my wife and I enjoy it, it's definitely an exercise we can schedule to do together more.

Tomorrow should be interesting because the weather is hopefully going to clear by early afternoon so we can get a good ride in.  Since the weather is rather iffy for the rest of the week, we have to get in rides wherever we can.

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