Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday 2/16 - Swamp Rabbit with some Elevation

Today started out as a kinda dreary day.   After spin class AND swimming yesterday and the nice weather we had, it was wet and a bit chilly to start the day off.  I brought my bike stuff with the hopes of a ride this afternoon.

By about 3pm the rain had subsided, so we got a chance to head out on the Swamp Rabbit trail.  We got up near Paris Mountain, and instead of taking a left and climbing the mountain, we went right to go around the base.  The end result is about as much elevation (if not a little bit more) even though we didn't climb the mountain.  Instead of having a 6% climb for 2.2 miles, you get rolling hills with up to a 12% incline.  It's a good training ground, as I can do near intervals on some of the roads, but it definitely takes a bit out of me.

About halfway through dreamland my knee started to bug me some.  With my history of knee issues, I know to listen to what my knee is telling me.  Even though the weather is supposed to really good tomorrow (and a crummy weekend) I'm thinking I need to cool it and let my knee rest some and just do a spin class on Saturday.  My knee isn't bugging me unless I put out a lot of effort, so as long as I'm careful I should be okay.  I just know better than to exhaust and overwork knees.

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