Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday 2/11 - Cycle Class

This morning started out early, with a trip to the gym for a cycle class.  I was a bit worried, as my left calf was a bit tight last night.  It was a good class, and I averaged 200watts for 67minutes, totaling 775cal burned.  I was able to follow the entire routine without having to back off.  Hopefully I can slowly up my base gear and build some extra cycling endurance.  I treated myself to a "Hulk" smoothie at the gym as my breakfast after class, which was really yummy!

My oldest turned 13 yesterday, so she spent about an hour with the trainers learning all of the equipment at the gym, and she got her own badge today.  When we were done we went down to the bike shop and she tried out a new hybrid bike.  We took a 5 mile journey on the Swamp Rabbit to see how it felt for her, and she really enjoyed it.  After paying for the bike, and getting Christy some new running shoes, we had lunch and headed home.

It was a long day between the two activities, but we all had a lot of energy to take care of the day.

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