Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Monday 2/13 - Attack of the Bla's

I'm starting out my blog from yesterday not only a day late, but swiping a part of an email that I sent to the rest of my Rob's Big Losers team.
Yesterday was a tough day for me:  no energy, low willpower, lots of hunger.  I realized this morning I had totally forgotten to make sure I had fruits in my diet.  I think this is the first day since the challenge started where I had left out at least some fruit from my diet, so I'm not sure if that made a difference in my mood and energy or not (my initial guess is yes).  Today is going to be a challenge because I have a lot of temptations in front of me, including a meeting where pizza is going to be served as "lunch".  It's going to take a lot to be social with it and not overdo it.
As you can see, it wasn't an easy day for me yesterday.  I started out with way too few calories, tried to be good through my morning snack and lunch, and by about 3pm I could tell things were not going to go well.  I powered through my afternoon snack and the rest of work, and had a light cycling trip (I'm going to call it a recovery ride).  Strava shows it to be an "easy" ride, but honestly it was rough on me to keep up on a pace that typically is a stroll in the park.  Now, on the fair side of that, I was keeping my cadence up and trying to keep my heart rate down on purpose during the trip, but I was constantly fighting fatigue and lack of willpower and energy.

I got home last night and I was tired and hungry.  Christy didn't have dinner done quite yet, so I sat down and ended up having some crackers with pepper jelly on them.  After helping out with getting dinner finished, I made sure to make at least half of my meal the side dish (a really yummy warm Zucchini salad with corn, tomatoes and black beans) and tried to be good with the fajitas.  I was under my calorie count, even with the Chocolate covered espresso beans for dessert.  

I'm going to try to keep my fruit intake higher, especially in my morning and afternoon snacks, and see if I can keep these bla's away.  They definitely allow the enemy to attack my self confidence and energy levels, and make my willpower weaken.  It's easy to get veggies into almost any meal, but adding fruits can be tricky.  I like fruit, but it's not something I instinctively reach for when I'm not consciously thinking about it yet.  I'm going to have to strive to work better on that.

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