Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Too Much of a Good Thing (sometimes it's still good!)

Today ended up being a "back to back" day for me with challenging climbs.  And when I say "challenging climbs", I actually am refering to climbs that when you get about halfway through them you say "why in the world did I choose this route?!?".  My buddy John couldn't make the trip up Paris Mountain yesterday, so I wanted to come up with a route where he could get some good attacks in and then we'd meet back up.  Overall the plan went well, although my legs were still tired from the effort up PM yesterday.  We did hit a hiccup when while not together the route I had put together called for a turn he wasn't sure on, so we ended up not following quite the same route for a bit.  We also ran a little short on time before nightfall, so instead of taking the hills back to downtown we ended up traveling back on the Swamp Rabbit to downtown.

That said, it was a really good ride. My legs are definitely tired at this point, but because of schedule and weather I don't expect to be doing any hard rides between now and Sunday.  The goal is to get to spin class in the morning for some more training, and then hopefully some time in the pool on Thursday.  I *may* attempt to make a second "omg how early is it?" spin class on Friday morning, but it would be quite a stretch, and it puts a pretty big crimp on the morning routine.

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