Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday 2/9 - Restorative Yoga

Today was my weigh in day, as well are our Team Meeting for Rob's Big Losers.  This week Jeff (the Wellness Director) set up to have a private Yoga class for us to take together.  Before class started, I had to weigh in.  At weigh in time I was at 245lbs, which is down 4lbs for the week and 12 lbs since the program started almost 3 weeks ago.  This is really good for me, and it keeps me on track to be in the 220's, which is where I want to be at the end of this 12 week program.  It's not the end of my journey, but it'll be a great start to getting where I want to be.

After my weigh in, it was time for Yoga.  For being mostly stretching exercises,  it is a pretty rough workout.  Anyone that isn't sweaty and tired at the end is either in really good shape already, or isn't doing it right.  We spent about 40 minutes doing the various poses, and even though I feel like my legs are relatively strong at this point, my quads were just burning in some of the poses.  And my arms were just sore after the planks and downward dogs.  At the end I felt good, and I'm glad I experienced it.  It's an exercise class that I'll have to seriously try to keep moving through my routine.

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