Friday, March 22, 2013

Lent Day 37 (Friday)

Exercise:  Rest (Planned/weather).  Tommorrow was supposed to be a long training ride, but the weather has not been such that it's feasible.  High in the 40's and a 50% chance of rain isn't good for playing around in the mountains on a road bike.  Hopefully next weekend will be better and they'll get the ride in.  


Psalm 90:4
New International Version (NIV)

4 A thousand years in your sight
    are like a day that has just gone by,
    or like a watch in the night.
Thoughts:  Patience is not a virtue that I have an abundance of.  Earlier this week I made mention that I know the wheels that I have planned to get for my bike, but right now I'm having to wait on getting them because the higher spoke count (for a Clydesdale like myself) are out of stock currently.  It's not a huge issue, and in some ways it's actually better that I wait.  There is nothing negative, in general, with me waiting until they are in stock at this point.  My first big event of the year is the Assault on the Carolinas, which isn't until April 13th.  My current wheels are still okay (they aren't broken), so I can ride on them for as long as I need to in order for the new ones to come in.  That said, once I make up my mind on something it's difficult for me to not get anxious to just get it over with.  I had my eyes on these wheels late last year, and told myself that I'd have to wait until at least the first part of April to get them because of the budget.  I rationalized using the OEM wheels I have now during the off season would help me be stronger for the events.  

In a very similar light, I'm dealing with the training ride being canceled.  I had made plans for the weekend, figured out the fueling strategy I wanted to try, got the food, and was mentally and physically prepared for the work to be done.  My wife and I had even talked about her bringing the girls up to Landrum for the day while I ride, then spending the rest of the day together.  It would have been a family trip, and something that I think everyone would have enjoyed.  All of the sudden, we have to wait a week to see if we can do the event.  I'm having to tell myself to be patient, and by the ride being pushed a week there's a chance I can use this training ride as a proof out of the new wheels on a long ride prior to the AOTC next month.  That doesn't help that once I've set a course I'm ready to go quickly.

So while I'm  I'm excited to check these new wheels out, and to find out for myself what the real differences in using them, and I'm ready to be going out for a training ride, I need to be patient.  I will be ready for the events, and I will get the new wheels.  It may not always follow the schedule that I set up in my own mind, but it will work out.  

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