Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lent - Prologue

Today is Ash Wednesday.  Usually I don't make a big deal about Ash Wednesday, or Lent.  Growing up I remember going to Ash Wednesday services, and of course the Sundays were marked throughout the Church season.  For many Lent is a time to give something up.  Catholics are renowned for having Fish on Friday during Lent.  This year, I want to try to do something different:  I want to change my routines just a little bit, and instead of doing that by giving something up I want to add a few things.

Each day in Lent I am going to try to do something fitness related.  Even if it's some push ups during the day, or walking the stairs in the office.  I want to make the time for this more than even when I was in Rob's Big Losers last year.  That means 40 workouts of some level between now and March 31.

I want to read a bible verse each day.  I'm not good about my bible time.  I go to Bible Gateway a fair amount to read a verse, and I've tried to read the Bible through the year, but it's always a struggle.  Even it's it's just the verse of the day on Bible Gateway, my goal is spend time during at least 40 days between now and March 31 with the Bible.

Each day in Lent I am going to try to post up a Blog entry.  That means at least 40 entries between now and March 31.  I don't know what the content will be going forward, but I want to post up something.  To this end there will be structure to each Blog entry:  I want to post up my fitness objective for the day and the bible verse that I read.  I will also try to tie in additional thoughts as much as I can.  

The other twist is going to be when I post.  Typically I post in the morning, unless I've had something else press on me that I need to post about.  During Rob's Big Losers I would post up after an exercise.  This time I'm going to be attempting to post up in the evening, at the end of the day.  My reasoning for this is that I should have completed my first two goals, and have time to reflect on what has transpired earlier in the day.  

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