Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Means Paris Mountain

Mondays have come to mean training on Paris Mountain for me.  After the great ride yesterday, I was curious to see how my legs would handle the Monday ride.  Last week they were a bit tired, but were strong enough to do well through the course.

The big difference I see this week is the change in heart rate.  I'm not sure if this has to do with my legs not having to work as hard because of the brace, or if there is just a plain placebo effect in place because of the brace.  What I am seeing is definite data differences between using and not using the brace.   There isn't a lot to say on this ride, outside of being a lot stronger than last week.  I'm still seeing improvement on the main assault up Paris Mountain.  It may only be 6 second improvements, but those 6 seconds are showing a lot of strength as I go.  The only thing of note from the ride is that it looks like I'm able to recover in the saddle a lot more than I was 6 weeks ago.  It's hard to believe that 6 weeks ago I was barely able to muscle my way up the mountain, and now it's a weekly trek.

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