Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Going Bananas!

Originally I was going to title this entry "I Hunger", in reference to the classic Williams arcade game "Sinistar".  That said, I worried there would be too many click throughs that I didn't really want to end up here.  My geek and gamer side does show through sometimes while dealing with this journey, though.

This week seems to be dealing with Hunger more than anything else.  For the first 5 to 6 weeks of this Journey, my body seemed to be handling the changes well.  I was getting in good exercise, I was feeling great, and I was blessed with being kept from temptation and hunger.  Then about a week ago, things started to change.  Now I don't have many cravings, but when I go by the pastry counter at Panera I definitely go "hrm. that looks really good" more.  In fact, I had a great conversation this week with Rob and Kristen about hunger along with the how much my family has been a major supporter (and participant) on this journey.

Listen to my conversation with Rob and Kristen!

That seems to have sparked several other conversations about eating, exercising and overall hunger this week.  One of my friends and co-workers, who also happens to be a coach at Greenville Cycling Center offered up some advice as well
Make sure you're getting calories on your longer rides. Not a lot and not from sports drinks. Maybe 300 calories for a 2 hour ride. You shouldn't end a ride hungry. The other days, rat some real food within 30 minutes. Something with protein and carbs. Even a glass of chicolate milk.
 I even posted up a question to the about all the nutrition items out there in the "snack" isle at the local bicycle shops, and had a great response from Peg over at

Check out the article on!

That said, I'm working on eating more often, and having a larger variety of foods during the day.  I've even been adding Bananas to the mix, and for those that know me at all, for me to say I had a banana in something else is weird, let alone by itself!   The workouts are going well, and I want to fuel my body to continue to burn through my fat stores so I can reach my goals, not just for this first 12 week journey, but every journey I have planned in the future.

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