Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bla days are Bla

Wednesdays are about the most difficult day for me in the routine.  It's not because of a challenging workout, it's because it's the one day in my routine where I change my routine on purpose to get up earlier and try to do more.  The other times that I've attempted to use get in shape, I've had to make major adjustments to my schedule to make it happen: get up an hour early, squeeze it in between this and that, etc.  This time around, everything else is having to fit around my workout schedules, and I'm trying to be really flexible with when I do things, making sure I get something done.

That said, Wednesdays are my 5:30am cycle class.  This means, for me, getting up almost 2 hours earlier than I typically do, getting something quick to eat, and shuffling off to the gym.  I love the intense workout, and in general it sets me in a good mood for the rest of the day, even if I'm tired from it.  Yesterday started out the same as the past 3 Wednesdays, with a great workout.  I then added the 15 minute ab workout that Lori does right after cycle class, to try to work on one of my "trouble spots".  Then again, aren't abs everyone's "trouble spots"?  I got home and showered and changed, and got ready for work.

My wife and I had gotten flyers in the mail to try Starbucks "Perfect Oatmeal", and we had figured since we usually have Breakfast together after my workouts on Wednesdays that it would be a good time to try it out.  We met up at the Starbucks, and I had intended to head directly to work from there.  It took a bit longer to get our breakfasts, and they were good, but it takes time to eat.  At this point I was running later than I wanted to be to get to work, and beyond that I realized that I had forgotten to take my medicine that morning as well as bring my mid-day suppliments (I can't take calcium with my Thyroid medicine, it can impact it's uptake).  I had also forgotten my fruit snacks for morning and afternoon that I have at the office to help balance out my diet.  So instead of going directly to work and being just a little late, I had to quickly drive home and get all the stuff I had forgotten, and I was a LOT late to work.

Fast forward through the day, the effect was that my diet ended up being slightly off (I didn't have either snack, ate a little heavy at lunch -- although it was healthy) and in general didn't have a high energy level.  The weather I know didn't help (it was mist-level drizzly all day long, kinda dreary), but I think it was my own mental attitude that made it as bad as it was.  I did survive it without blowing up my diet or my exercise routines, and I look forward to a great Thursday with my RBL team, some time in the pool, and a great outside run in the fantastic weather we're having.

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