Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Many Bothans Died...

One of the final major decisions I had to make in the construction of my Astromech was pretty much made for me yesterday:  what material to use.  Not being able to put a door on the back of my droid if made from styrene, along with the fact that with plywood I can realistically make a 2-3-2 setup (an astromech that can stand on 2 or 3 legs interchangeably), was tipping me back to a plywood design.  Hearing back from a local plastic supplier that the shipping for the 2 initial sheets of styrene that I would need is more than just using plywood push it over the top.

I found that the Home Depot down the street has the grade and thickness of plywood I'd need "in stock", and that the price was reasonable for the amount of wood I'd need for the frame plus "some".   So today I brought the "Senna" blueprint plans over to Kinko's (I refuse to call it FedEx Office or whatever) and got it printed out.  Todd from the R2 Builder's club had offered to print them out for several of us, but I just felt uncomfortable with asking on the initial plans I'd need.

My goals for getting some time this weekend to work on the cuts seems reasonable at this point.  My thoughts are to get some less expensive (see thinner and cheaper) plywood to do some initial tests on with the tools before spending the money for the real materials.  Just getting started is exciting, though.

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