Friday, September 3, 2010

Working with Birch

On monday I managed to go pick up the 2 sheets of Birch plywood for the main bulk of the project (1x 1/2" and 1x 3/4"). It took most of the week, but I have managed to get the bottom and longer support struts rough cut out. Working with the Birch in some ways is a lot easier, and in some ways is a whole lot more difficult. Most of the more difficult has to do with working with the tools I have at the house, as I don't have a complete wood workshop to work with. I am finding that I'm getting more confidence in what I'm doing after I try a few times, so hopefully by the final cuts I'll be getting closer to being a pro with it :)

Once I have all the parts rough cut out and staged, I'll start working on sanding and leveling such that I can start assembly. If I can have the frame rough cut and be working on the clean up part by October, I think I'll be doing extremely well.

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